Massage Therapy


Relax and enjoy outdoor massage therapy after a long day exploring the Queen Charlotte Track.

Massage Therapy in our "Massage Grotto"

Our “Massage Grotto” is located in native bush adjoining a natural stream. Relax to birdsong and spring water trickling over rocks while you are treated to your massage choice.

French Full Body Massage

Single: 60 minutes, $90 For Two: 60 minutes, $180
A genuine art of living massage that works on the entire body using oil and essentials oils. The therapist work on tender knots and tensions to eliminate toxins and muscle pains while promoting a state of pure wellness. This treatment that helps to relieve and reenergise muscles encourages sound sleep and leaves skin silky-soft.

Legs Massage “Jambes Lègeres”

Single: 30 minutes, $45 For Two: 30 minutes, $90
A moment entirely dedicated to relieve the pain of sore, tired, heavy leg and calf muscles. This reviving and draining massage is perfect after a walking day. Your legs enjoy an instant refreshing sensation and feel light and revitalized.

Relax Back “French Massage”

Single: 30 minutes, $45 For Two: 30 minutes, $90
Discover the virtues of this deeply relaxing massage. By focusing on the back, nape and shoulder blades, this treatment releases built-up tension providing a feeling of well being and total relaxation.
*Please inform us of any health issues, if you are pregnant or allergic. Our massages are well-being and relaxation treatments: they are non-therapeutic and non-medical.